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Life At KN

Life At KN

  • Ahmed elgammal
  • 16 Oct, 2019

Across the KN community, we offer our employees attractive incentives that align with local market standards.

Our pay philosophy is competitive plus it`s performance-based and managers are empowered to reward high-performing associates with a salary and benefits fully competitive with leading companies in the local markets.

We do care about the “whole you" and place importance not only on salary, but also on the surrounding personal environment, learning experiences, and the freedom and empowerment to pursue an individual career path, training opportunities and flexible work arrangements.

KN Outings
KN Outings
KN Outings
KN Outings
KN People
KN People
KN Moments
KN Moments
KN Outings
KN Outings

What we at KN Offers to Our People :

1- Training and development

2- Value and engagement are at the core of our benefits philosophy

3- Medical, dental and vision coverage

4- Competitive package

5-Celebrating as a community

6-Embracing your family as our family

" In appreciation of KN Women! "

KN women view work more holistically, as a component of their overall life plan, therefore, they’re more likely to approach their careers in a self-reflective way and value factors such as meaning, purpose, connection with co-workers and work-life integration.

Chief Operations Officer Word

" Personally, i believe in DELIVERY, that`s what is our business is all about ..
and over 20 years of managing KN operations in 3 different countries, KN People NEVER failed me, NEVER let me down, They were always on time exactly the way I aspired to deliver, and personally, as well, me, Mohamed Zaytoun. I would like to thank each and every one of them whether he/she still present as a team member, or not... THANK YOU "

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Working from home Pros & Cons

Among this huge times of uncertainty and losing compass, we have been questioned a lot about how we do manage productivity without losing the spirit and keeping the good vibes on the table still

we have spoken with Amal Saleh, to illustrate us how she can get it all managed, giving that Amal has been managing projects for knowledgeNet for the last 10 years in a row in three different countries ( Egypt, KSA & UAE )

>>>>>>>>>>> 𝙀𝙣𝙟𝙤𝙮 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 <<<<<<<<<<<

Working from home (WFH) is something new for so many people, companies and we can say countries. Something that has taken all of us by surprise. It impacts communication and may leave some employees feeling disconnected and unsure about their results.

Saleh also added that the sure thing is, it is not for everyone! So, it's important to consider some advantages and disadvantages before you make it a part of your work process.

1- The Flexibility: When we work from home, while we still have to meet our deadlines and be available when we say we will be, we generally have wider space and time to tend to other non-work responsibilities.
2- Increased productivity: Being able to step away from our work when we feel like we need a break can help us stay motivated and reduce burn-out.
3- More independence: Working from home can provide independence in our job that might be absent in a physical workplace
4- There is no commute. Not having a long commute to and from work can save us time and money.

1- Home Distractions: Too many distractions can decrease our productivity and motivation. WFH needs a lot of self-discipline
2- Increased isolation: Working all day without access to coworkers and colleagues can be very isolating and lonely.
3- There's less ad hoc learning. In the office, we are constantly in a position to learn from each other
4- It is easy to misread cues via electronic communications

WFH has some benefits but it might be not the perfect situation. Understanding the reasons behind facilitating WFH can help in learning how to apply it successfully.

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