Moving towards digital transformation

Critical Made Easy – One Platform Across All Touchpoints

The KnowledgeNet digitization process for the banking industry streamlines your entire customer lifecycle, from onboarding to next-generation customer experience.

Additionally, your employees will engage through one centralized, Omni-Channel platform by connecting core business systems through a modernized internal front end.


  • Identity & Access Management
  • Microservices-Based
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Support containerization
  • Private, Public & Hybrid Cloud Solution

By capitalizing on our dedicated team's extensive banking knowledge and the SoftMore digital platform, our team can design and implement a digital, scalable solution for organizations of all sizes, from the small to the very large.

Adopt an Agile Mindset, Think Forest, Start with Low Hanging Fruits

The KnowledgeNet cloud-based scalable solution allows you to ramp up as needed. There's no need to start with an enormous plan. You can begin digitizing and testing on an as-ready basis that suits your business needs.

We provide our customers with a streamlined, self-service user journey and an easy way to sign up with state-of-the-art digital processes across all channels.

You can count on our reliable DevOps ongoing support to ensure your concise release cycle.

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