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TradeNet e-Invest

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What is TradeNet e-Invest?

TradeNet e-Invest is a unified platform, bringing all investment and trading products, including trading, fund management and portfolio management in one customer portal, complete with real-time market data and powerful reporting tools that allow businesses to compete and have an edge.

e-Invest is also a web app, meaning your customer does not need to download a software or a plugin to start using it. It can be directly used from your customer’s browser as a lightweight tool. With the app, you can allow your customers to manage beneficiaries, automate orders, customize the interface and much more.

Features & Benefits

comprehensive investment Portal

Customers, for the first time in the region, can have access to all their investment products from a single portal.

Real time updates

Get access to orders andvaluations in real-time with near-zero latency.

Advanced reporting

Custom reports with differenttypes of charts that fit all your imagination.

Market data

Real-time market updates from world top networks.

Smooth white labeling

The solution is more convenient, out of the box and with your brand.

Direct Market Access

Access to multiple order routing networks.

Multi-currency and multi-language

e-Invest supports multiple languages and instruments and investment products in different currencies with a unified reporting currency according to customer preference.

Access control

Multiple users with custom privileges for each.

e-Trader included

Get unified access to orders with e-Trader.

Why TradeNet e-Invest?

All investments in one place

e-Invest is the single platform for all customer’s investment products, portfolios, and accounts in all asset classes, allowing a full-fledged customer experience including order execution, reporting, and customer communication.

Enhance customer experience with customer-side requests

With e-Invest, you can improve customer experience by letting customers request any type of fund transactions, including subscription, redemption, and switching, which are executed by the system with automatic notifications for the customer. Customers can also track the performance of their investments and view their allocations by classes or regions.

Keep data secured and access control managed

e-Invest promises the highest-grade security with its architecture and anti-tampering standards. Two-factor authentication adds an extra protection layer to make accounts more secure, and role management guarantees full access control.

Keep connected to market and automate orders

With Direct Market Access, e-Invest gives you all of the valuable market data from the most trusted sources including Reuters, Market, and all of the sources you would need. Real time updated data include top volume, gainers, losers, market indexes, time and sales, market news, and daily lows and highs. e-Invest also jets you plan orders with advanced features and automate them for a competitive edge.

Create reports and advanced charts

With over 100 technical indicators, 20 readily created chart types and an advanced chart drawing tool, you can fully create powerful reports with charts by only using e-Trader and without additional tools. e-Invest will let your customer access reports and history of any instance with the Report Viewer.

Fully customize your interface

e-Invest is fully customizable with complete freedom to build pages and customize the interface for each user. It also enables your customer to create multiple layouts to choose from at any instance and use widgets and user workspaces to boost productivity.

Take advantage of the e-Trader module

e-Invest comes with TradeNet's own e-Trader, an ultimate module for any type of trader for the best results with buy and hold strategy. e-Trader helps with monitoring and analyzing market performance, customer portfolios, and cash positions in real-time and filtering it by specific business sector. Integrating all customer information, transactions and cash holdings, e-Trader gives you full control of compliance rules. To ensure the most secure online trading experience, e-Trader uses SSL transport layer security, alongside one-time passwords to prevent unauthorized access to any trading account.