Single platform for multiple feeds from markets and data providers

TradeNet Data Streamer receives data from multiple exchanges, streaming services and data providers, synthesizes and streams them in one feed.

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What is TradeNet Data Streamer?

TradeNet Data Streamer is a platform that provides latency-free feed of market data from multiple sources. The platform can be used for augmentation of live market data and providing controllable market data feeds to customers.

The ultra low latency provided by the product and the ability to receive from multiple data sources make your business more competitive, while features like alerts, automation and multiple formats will make you even more efficient.

Features & Benefits

Ultra-low latency

TradeNet Data Streamer offers market-leading, ultra- low latency that can make businesses and their customers more competitive and better at making fast decisions.

Inclusive market data

TradeNet Data Streamer links you to sufficient market data from various feeds, including regional exchanges and data streaming services like Reuters, Bloomberg and others.

Unlimited scalability

The architecture of TradeNet Data Streamer ensures that the software is fully scalable. The product remains high-performing and stable at any scope and no matter the volume of data.

Delay control

With the delay control feature, your business has full control of when specific customers can receive data based on their subscriptions or your preferences.

Multiple formats

TradeNet Data Streamer streams data in multiple formats for various channels including the web, mobile, OMS engine and desktop workstations.

Real-time alerts

Real-time notifications for news and quote changes let your customers and employees miss no chance and have better decision making. They can even automate tasks to make their workflow more efficient.

Integration with TradeNet

As one of TradeNet's family of solutions, TradeNet Data Streamer integrates with other TradeNet solutions to provide a comprehensive environment for financial businesses.

Technical support

TradeNet's technical support service ensures fast response to any obstacles or technical difficulties that may delay your work.

Why Data Streamer?

One access for All market data

TradeNet Data Streamer brings you all data from all markets you need in one place, inclusive updates with ultra fast speed and zero latency for robust trade decision making.

Immediate market insights anytime anywhere

With TradeNet Data Streamer notifications to all your accessibility points whether desktop station, web or mobile you are able to capture the information update you need in a timely manner.

Empower your trading platform

TradeNet Data Streamer fully scalable architecture enables you to transmit any number of data and market updates that you need to connect your customer with to improve their trading insights and user experience.

Comprehensive trading environment

As part of the TradeNet family with full integration to any of its products, TradeNet Data Streamer elevates the experience of traders on any of the platforms by providing them with all the needed information at any point of their user journey.