KnowledgeNet TradeNet FastWire , Trading 200X Faster.

TradeNet Fastwire makes you more competitive with automated direct trading in milliseconds with no-latency that makes trading more profitable.

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What is TradeNet Fastwire?

TradeNet FastWire is an ultra-fast High Frequency Trading (HFT) that enables financial institutions to trade more competitively without having scalability and order volume limitations.

FastWire comes with Direct Market Access (DMA), as it is connected to the local brokerage to allow customers as well to trade in it. The ability to automate trading rules makes trading much more efficient, competitive and profitable than ever, with support of intensive algo-trading processes as well.

Features & Benefits

High Frequency Trading (HFT)

High Frequency Trading (HFT) allows financial entities to use huge computational power to complete a huge number of transactions in just one second.

Direct Market Access (DMA)

FastWire enables the brokerage companies to provide their institutional customers (other investment companies or brokerage companies in other countries) with direct market access to the local exchanges it has access to.

6000 orders per second and more

We got your back, now you can even go further over 6000 orders in one second without facing any problems or delays.

Scalability and integration

TradeNet FastWire brings incredibly low latency to make order scaling challenges part of the past, making it a fully scalable solution for financial businesses with rising trading order counts. The software also integrates with multiple platforms to make your workflow faster and without manual work or technical hassle.

200X Faster

With enhanced memory management and scalable architecture, we provide a system that is 200 times faster than traditional trading systems, giving businesses a great advantage in their daily trading.

Why TradeNet FastWire?

Highest number of transactions

TradeNet Fastwire engine automates direct trading for financial institutions in a competitive high-speed performance that removes markets’ accessibility latencies allowing vast transaction executions per second.

Empower your business customers with a broader reach

With TradeNet Fastwire, you enable your business customers with direct market access to local exchanges regardless of their locations and he lp them expand their market reach outside their borders.

Significantly scale your orders

TradeNet Fastwire speeds up your business process with the ability to integrate with multiple platforms in your system reducing manual work and related technical hassles giving you an extra competitive edge.