Brokerage Operations Significantly Optimized.

Empower your team with insight, and enhance control of your brokerage or custody services operations

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What is TradeNet Middle and Back Office?

TradeNet Middle and Back Office addresses the everyday challenges faced by brokerage and custody service operations teams, as they work to maximize internal efficiencies while also maintaining robust connections with exchanges and international partners. It deploys best-in-class technology in a single, easy-to-use platform to give you end-to-end control, help you make informed decisions, increase productivity, and eliminate errors.

Combining automation and reporting with customized modules and key functionality in one online portal, TradeNet Middle and Back Office is the brokerage and custody services platform for the digital age.

Features & Benefits

Powerful automation

End-to-end automation ensures tasks ranging from customer on- boarding through to back-office processes are completed with maximum efficiency and minimum error.

Locally Optimized Margin Modules

Flexible Margin management with built-in Murabaha modules and Sharia compliance deliver optimal margin assessment and comprehensive customer overview.

Insightful reporting

Business and technical reporting functionality, developed with clear understanding of customer behavior and requirements, meet the highest standards in security and automation.

Corporate actions

End-to-end corporate-actions coverage from announcement through to settlement, with checks and balances across the whole process.


Agile connectivity engine that easily connects with regional and global stock markets, internal systems as well as country-party brokers and routing networks.

Why TradeNet Middle and Back Office?

  • Establish full control of your business by deploying one easy-to-use solution to manage the daily operations of your brokerage or custody services.
  • Grow your business with one specialist platform, developed with proven industry expertise and insight - and carefully built on a secure and scalable foundation
  • Realize the commercial advantages of deploying an integrated solution that works as part of one market-leading, unified, end-to-end investment management platform
  • Access expert engineering services and technical support from initial query and installation right through to daily operations, ensuring you maximize your investment.
  • Stay fully informed by gaining end-to-end visibility across all tasks and schedules through an intuitive project management dashboard.
  • Maximize internal productivity with automated processes and seamless reporting that will enable your team to focus on value-added tasks and generate higher revenue.
  • Eliminate human error, decrease risk and save time through carefully calibrated automation and built-in functionality.
  • Benefit from integrated first-class communications with swift messaging and standardized ISO messaging capability.