TradeNet OEMS is a blazing-fast order and execution management system for the most challenging complex financial operations.

TradeNet OEMS is a fully compliant, lag-free order and execution management system, complete with real-time ultra-low latency, automation and reporting that only your business will have.

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What is TradeNet OEMS?

TradeNet OEMS is a multi-asset, high performance order and execution management system, incorporating a world-class engine that delivers blazing-fast processing with incredibly low latency, giving financial businesses more competitiveness.

TradeNet OEMS is built using microservices architecture to deliver every possible functionality for receiving, processing and routing orders to enhance decision making and give it a competitive edge.

Features & Benefits

Extremely low latency

Market-leading sub-millisecond latency for competitive cases and high-volume transactions.

Automated order control

Take advantage of multiple controls including 'Stop limit/market orders', 'Market if touched', 'Market on close' and much more.

Real-time market data

Access market data with precision in real-time updates, positions, P&L monitoring and trade-blotter with multiple filters.

Full monitoring

Monitor all market and order data in one dashboard, in addition to audit trails.

Visualization tools

Access advanced technical analysis and graphical aid tools inside your dashboard.

Direct market connectivity

Readily connected to Local Exchanges and major trading networks like ROR and Bloomberg.

Full audit capabilities

Gain access to full audit capability for the order's entire life cycle.

Customer order management

Have full control over customer orders through the entire life-cycle.

Full compliance at all levels

TradeNet OEMS ensures full compliance at all levels with many measures, including real-time trading limits enforcement, centralized classes and monitoring for trading limits in multiple markets.

Why TradeNet OEMS?

  • Deploy one easy-to-use solution to automate the full management of your customer orders.
  • Grow your business with one specialist scalable platform by executing thousands of transactions every second with minimum latency.
  • Comply with real-time trading limits in multiple markets.
  • Audit the entire order life cycle.
  • Realize the commercial advantages of real-time access and monitoring of market data.
  • Maximize your investment with expert engineering services and technical support from initial query and installation right through to daily operations.
  • TradeNet OEMS provides an integrated environment for order and execution management, offering realtime updates and a trade-blotter to be able to manage client orders and update them when orders are executed.
  • With TradeNet OEMS, you can simulate every transaction with detailed calculations before execution, for enhanced decision making. Access privileges let multiple users access data according to their authority level. The system is also pre-connected to international trading networks to take advantage of their realtime data.
  • With the powerful reporting system, TradeNet OEMS can be used to generate visualized reports, while giving full monitoring for information in one dashboard.
  • TradeNet OEMS incorporates the full functionality of an execution management system with the ability to execute thousands of transactions every second with minimum latency. Order execution can be fully automated and managed digitally, while managers can have full control over daily workflows.
  • The system also makes entities able to compare their performance against the market and have access to valuable data. The powerful automation capabilities allow creating automated triggers based on custom criteria.