Your trading business in your hand. No limitations.

TradeNet Touch brings a comprehensive trading and fund management platform on the go with no limitations.

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What Is TradeNet Touch?

TradeNet Touch is a comprehensive and easy-to-use mobile/tablet application that brings the trading features you need on the go. The app integrates easily with your business software and lets your customers natively use a full-fledged investment solution anywhere and just through mobile devices.

The application brings full trading, fund management, and portfolio management features while accessing real-time market data and powerful reporting tools.

Features & Benefits

Top-standard security

High-grade security application, utilizing the best and latest technologies to keep data safe while using each product seamlessly from your mobile or tablet.

Seamless, easy-to-use interface

A modern customizable dashboard that helps users set the app as per their usage preferences. The application needs no technical knowledge in IT to start using them right away, making them a vital part of your business quickly.

Modern technology

Building modules that make our software compete head-to-head with the best financial technology software in the world. A feature of technology you want is mostly one you can find in TradeNet.

Technical advantage

Stable and fast application built on the latest mobile apps architecture that adapts to the highest number of transactions and actions suitable to the user needs. This includes nearly-zero downtime services and deficient latency processes.

Comprehensive investment portal

Customers, for the first time in the region, can have access to all their investment products from a single portal.

Real time updates

Get access to orders and valuations in real-time with near-zero latency.

Why TradeNet Touch?

One, unified platform

TradeNet Touch lets your customers view and manage all investments in one reliable, digital investment channel easy to use from any touch screen device.

Highly secure and protected

Touch helps keep the investment data and controls on mobile as secure as on computers, supported by a very secured architecture that utilizes the best possible encryption and authorization standards.

Real-time access to market data

TradeNet Touch helps get trusted market data from sources like Reuters and Mark IT anywhere through a smartphone to have the edge over competitors. Data include top volume, gainers, losers, market indexes, time and sales, market news, and daily lows and highs.

Advanced reporting tools

Only with a smartphone, your customer can create a chart and make a report ready in a few minutes with 100 technical indicators, 20 readily designed chart templates, and an advanced tool for chart creation on mobile.

Intuitive and customizable interface

TradeNet Touch is built to be easy-to-use and intuitive, with the best mobile standards for user experience in mind. It lets your customer create workspaces and use widgets to create dashboards that fit their particular needs while managing their investments through their phone.

Advanced market analysis

TradeNet Touch also lets you analyze market performance, customer portfolios, and cash positions in real-time, with filters including business sector-based ones.