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What is TradeNet Engage?

TradeNet Engage is a cloud-based customer engagement solution, meticulously designed to reshape the landscape of client interactions and asset management workflows. Our suite of features, ranging from seamless communication channels to an intuitive client portal, ensures asset managers are equipped with cutting-edge tools to connect, onboard, and manage with unparalleled efficiency.

At its core, TradeNet Engage is more than just a tool, combining top customer experience requirements and business needs, prioritizing robust security. It safeguards every fragment of client data with military-grade encryption and access controls. The integrated dashboard acts as the nerve center, offering real-time insights into investment portfolios, performance metrics, and market dynamics, accelerating well-informed investment decisions. With TradeNet Engage, asset managers are not just staying ahead of the curve they're defining it.

Features & Benefits

Effortless Client Registration

Swiftly onboard clients using our integrated portal, backed by legal authority (Nafath) for validated registrations.

Seamless KYC Compliance

Utilize our intuitive KYC forms, expertly designed to align with regulatory benchmarks, ensuring adherence to standards set by the Capital Market Authority (CMA).

Secure Client Access

Offering clients robust and diverse authentication methods, ensuring secure account access with flexible password reset options.

Efficient Request Handling

Empower clients to submit requests for diverse financial instruments, seamlessly integrated for asset managers to act promptly.

Dynamic Integrated Dashboard

Dive into a unified dashboard that delivers real-time analytics on investment portfolios, performance metrics, and market trends, equipping you for data-driven decisions.

Transparent Portfolio Overview

Provide clients with crystal-clear insights into portfolio composition, asset distribution, performance metrics, and market value, enabling smarter investment decisions.

Streamlined Cash Management

Grant client’s full transparency into their cash position and transactions, complemented by the convenience of initiating cash transfers out.

Automated Back-Office Efficiency

Experience streamlined client identity verification with our automated back-office KYC controls, ensuring regulatory compliance for seamless onboarding.

Accurate Position Updates

Continuously refreshed portfolio and cash positions, guaranteeing customers receive precise financial data at all times.

Multi-Channel Client Updates

Stay connected effortlessly. We ensure timely communication across diverse channels, keeping clients informed on transactions, statements, and pivotal updates.

Tailored Reporting Options

Craft detailed and adaptable reports, encompassing portfolio overviews, transaction logs, and key performance indicators.

Adaptable User Control

Empower administrators with the flexibility to define user roles and permissions, ensuring customized access to diverse functions.

Why TradeNet Engage?

Unparalleled Financial Clarity

Dive into a world where precision meets transparency. With TradeNet Engage, users always have an accurate, real-time perspective of their financial landscape, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Seamless Interactions for Enhanced Client Relations

Build stronger relationships through efficient communication and collaboration. TradeNet Engage ensures that every interaction, whether internal or client-facing, is seamless, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.

Robust Protection with Multi-Layered Regulatory Trust

Safety, trust, and compliance converge at TradeNet Engage. Equipped with top-tier security measures and backed by esteemed regulatory entities like Nafath and the Capital Market Authority (CMA), our solution ensures your operations are not only secure but also resonate with industry-leading compliance standards.

Tailored Experience for Operational Excellence

Shape your platform, shape your success. TradeNet Engage's customizability empowers businesses to align the platform with their unique needs, driving operational efficiency and business growth.

Empowered User Dynamics for Streamlined Operations

Harness the power of flexibility and control. TradeNet Engage's advanced user management and customizable functionalities enable businesses to define roles, permissions, and experiences. This adaptability ensures a tailored fit for every organizational structure, promoting efficiency and operational harmony.