We take pride in the reliability of our services, the stability of our solutions and the dedication of our customer support for unrivaled projects quality delivery to our customers.

Our financial services customers expect nothing but the highest global standards in what is offered. We do that. We also take it miles further by delivering exceptional local expertise, honed by years in a very specialized regional market.

That is why international competition does not faze us. Our product has proven itself time and time again, setting benchmarks in a fast-paced industry that few can aspire to.

This unrivaled performance makes critical functions seem easy to the various stakeholders of the companies we serve; our vision drives us to new heights as each day delivers opportunities to excel.

What drives us?

We believe that technology production can and should be localized. Technology is and will continue to control all facets of our lives. This control must be in local hands. Secondly, data is monetized in various and compounding manners. The benefit of monetizing local data must remain local. Finally, technology is expected to be a major employer. Such jobs should be taken by locals.

These beliefs drive us to create and support the sectors we work in by creating solutions that are comparable or better than international competition.



To ensure that KnowledgeNet is the new choice for financial services software in MENA and to develop as the MENA region’s leading financial-services software solutions brand while also competing in international markets.


Build Reliable software solutions that ensure the continuity of critical processes for financial services.



We believe that technology has the capacity to simplify the way we do things, so that our clients can focus on the things that matter.


We live and breathe our products, ensuring that each feature we offer perfectly executes a clear purpose.


We let the quality and reliability of our products speak for themselves, we don’t play the ego-game.


We dedicate ourselves to our customers, operating with openness and transparency, and committing to our promises.

The Concept Behind the Brand Name

We capitalize on business understanding with culture knowledge and human depth

Our brand reflects our knowledge, attitude and passion. Our knowledge in the regional financial services technology market is only remotely approached by our competitors; international and local alike.

Our name speaks for itself. Encompassing three vital elements, it defines itself and the approach to what it stands for.


KnowledgeNet understands the human emotional state and alleviates customer worries through its proposition.


KnowledgeNet understands the collective mood and values and addresses cultural concerns through its brand.


KnowledgeNet considers the business context to determine how it will position itself and compete in the market.

KnowledgeNet in Numbers:

We take pride in the reliability of our services, the stability of our solutions and the dedication of our customer support. We attribute to that the majority of customer relationships span over more than 10 years and are ongoing.

Facts and Figure:


hours unplanned downtime in 60 customers in 8 countries


years of profitable operation


strategic markets in the MENA region.


nationalities in our team



of our team is female