All integration needs to boost banking business performance and Fintech readiness with Blinq, your systems are seamlessly connected.

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With Blinq, you can:

Boost your internal system’s performance with a reliable and scalable integration Platform.

Empower your bank with the required APIs for a seamless Open Banking transition.

Elevate your customer’s experience with fast and efficient integration to Fintechs.

What to Expect with Blinq?

Industry focused solutions

Developed by KnowledgeNet with 20 years of experts in banking solutions in the MENA region, Blinq products are designed with industry needs to be focused on for outstanding performance.

Fast deployment

Design Studio requires low-code knowledge from the internal team with the various technologies used on different solutions of the different departments and external Fintechs.

Reliable technical support

Relieve the pressure on the bank’s internal technical teams with KnowldgeNet’s strong technical support team around the clock.

Complete open banking APIs

Built with complete regulators compliance requirements for operational reporting or open banking readiness mandates. Empowering banks to expand their financial services.


From the bottom-up microservice architecture that facilitates the immediate need of banks for updates and expansions in rapidly evolving ecosystems without worrying about infrastructure resilience.

Blinq Products

Microservices-based enterprise integration platform for bank’s internal systems integrations and building solutions utilizing microservices capabilities.

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Open Banking solution supporting regional regulatory compliance standards for Open Banking and expanding bank’s financial services capabilities.

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End-to-end Open Banking and Fintech enablement solution enriched with full operational and implementation services that save time and effort to onboard Fintech companies.

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