Sets You Right for The Fintech World

Blinq Fintech provides services to enable your bank for the whole Fintech lifecycle

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API gateway

Enforce policies to detect threshold overruns and manage exceptions/error conditions.

API catalogue

Ready to use Open Banking APIs for Account Information Services and Payment Initiation Services with additional included two use cases APIs.

Admin portal

Manage Fintech partners' applications, services, data, and users, run reports, and manage users and user roles.

System of records

Remains compliant by keeping a detailed system of records for all communication with TPPs, storing and retrieving all requests and responses between TPPs and the bank.

Consent management

Customer consent, authentication and authorization of Fintechs, and integration with the bank’s IAM ensure you remain compliant by gaining secure customer data and permission to use the proprietary account and personal information.

Billing automation

Built-in billing module for your API monetization and your billing automation. Defining customer accounts, billing rates, applying charges, and generating invoices with other detailed reporting.

Fintech sandbox

Simulate your production environment in real-time and avail test responses for all your APIs with API documentation, Fintech developer self-sign-up, and the overall test environment.

Design studio

Expedite builds new APIs with a graphical drag-and-drop design studio and creates new composite business APIs by combining your application services into atomic microservices.

Extendable architecture

Future-proof architecture utilizing modern integration patterns from microservice architectures with a set of pre-built adapters that include SOAP, Rest, JMS, Kafka, Database, File, Redis, core banking, and others.

Containerized deployment

Blinq Fintech is a built-for-cloud that elastically scales to meet the demand for unlimited scale. Blinq Fintech run-time microservices operate as a lightweight Docker container via container orchestration platforms. Operating within a Kubernetes cluster.

Additional APIs use cases

Offering includes two additional APIs use case to the bank, which expands your financial services offerings to your bank’s customers and provides the bank with more revenue streams.

On-Demand technical support

Assisting in creating new use cases by Fintechs and by the bank IT team and supporting post-production issues internally and with the customer front.