Bring Endless Possibilities to Your Business Software Solutions with the Revolutionary Blinq Ware

The integrations between your business Solutions are now truly limitless in scalability, reliability, and customizations.

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Design studio

Create new APIs only with drag and drop, with no need for technical knowledge, and integrate them right away with your internal systems with no limitations.

Pre-built adapters

Ready for multi technologies with pre-built adapters that include SOAP, Rest, JMS, Kafka, Data Base, File, Redis, and more.

Lightweight deployment

Supports containerized deployment with Kubernetes, allowing the best performance and auto-scaling with multiple instances.

API gateway

The API Gateway allows you to enforce policies and manage errors and exceptions with automated workflows managed effectively.

Admin portal

Monitor system health, resource utilization, and trends through real-time detailed reports.

Tracing anytime, anywhere

Track transactions across different systems and services without interruptions and at ease. Enabling on time monitoring and service team to detect errors and fix them easily.