Critical Orchestrated in a Blinq!

Offload your existing operations guaranteeing quality service delivery while expediting bottom-line value generation!

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Runtime Engine

The dynamic engine that powers smooth execution & the skyrocketing performance of Blinq Ware.

Enterprise Service Broker

Streamlines business operations and intelligent event brokerage ensuring zero data loss. With customizable SLAs and business standards.

Alerts and Notifications

Proactively controls alerting admins and system managers supporting different channels (e.g.: SMS, emails, issue tracking system, Syslog, etc.) based on pre-defined criteria.

Centralized Indexed Logging

Indexing and organizing logs, making it easier to search, filter, and analyze data.

Pre-built Adaptors

Rich library of business and technical connectors, slashing time to market by 60%.

Micro-service Containerized Architecture

Scalability and agility, ensuring optimum performance during high loads and peaks.