We welcome calibers who seek
continuous growth

You may agree or disagree that money is not everything, but you will certainly agree that happiness is critical. You spend most of your life at work with your colleagues. We believe these should be happy times.

Making people happy is an unreasonable objective. However, providing respect, empowerment, and opportunity to learn are certainly major contributors to being happy. And these are what we focus on.

We are the company to go to where mistakes are welcome as learning opportunities, where ownership and responsibility are tested and stretched, where you can just not come to office because you don’t feel like it, where your ideas are heard, even when you are the youngest in the team, and where you are respected. You join us to achieve. You join us to make a name for yourself.

KnowledgeNet values its team, and maintains a positive working environment where everyone’s effort contributes towards the dynamic growth and success of the company. Each person has space to grow, to develop, to feel empowered, and to reach goals within a team-oriented environment.

Our Culture

In our individual uniqueness and our strengths, we build comprehensive culture

A company can be defined by many things. Major gains make headlines, and the bottom line is a possible indication of a successful strategy. But it takes more than flash in the pan achievements. At the heart of any sustainable, productive organization lies a sound ethos and work policy.

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Students and Internships

Students & Fresh Graduates

KnowledgeNet's unique position in the IT field enables us to offer special opportunities to exceptional people who have determination to learn and to grow.

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Joining KnowledgeNet

Why should I choose KnowledgeNet?

The fact that you can actually choose where to work makes you one of a very few. If you are one of the very few, wouldn't it be a waste to work where everyone else wants to go?

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Job Vacancies

Build your name

Discover the opportunity to join one of the most eminent IT companies in the Middle East. Fostering the development of its entire team in every division, KnowledgeNet encourages employees to discover their potential through serving eminent customers in an experience-rich, exciting career.Find out how its values and sustainable performance make KnowledgeNet the place of choice to spend the most productive, rewarding hours of your day.

If you see yourself fitting more than one job opening, you are welcome to indicate so. Simply apply on our website or send your CV to

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Team Thoughts

The strength of a company lies in the involvement, accountability and proactive innovation and communication of its people. Put your ideas forward; share your inspiration and constructive feedback with other team members to help build a dialogue. The sharing of ideas can provide the seeds for tomorrow’s breakthroughs, your thoughts may be a springboard for a future game changer!

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