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Getting the right cloud system for your business

Cloud Power Made Easier for You

Porting to cloud technologies has gained significant momentum because of its efficiency, scalability, and ease promises. However, implementation is an area with many business options and technical aspects to be taken into account. Getting the right cloud recipe for your business can be demanding.

Whether it’s an event-driven execution model, cloud-app infrastructure, or deployment model, KnowledgeNet is prepared to build your cloud-based solutions while covering all the requirements and complexities needed.

What Will We Do for You?

Our 20+ years of experience in critical software product creation guarantee quality and top-tier results for every project.

You’ll leverage our Softmore solution and have a cloud-based, multi-tenant, critical software faster than most other options and with very controlled risks relating to security, scalability, and extensibility.

Our approach is building solutions with flexible, dynamic, and scalable capacities for multi-tenant services and deploying them in the most efficient cloud environment for you, helping you optimize your budget and solution delivery time while still delivering a high-quality platform performance.

Benefit from the game-changing power of the cloud now.

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Softmore is a digitalization platform that allows businesses to create and integrate business applications to form reliable digital systems. Through Softmore, businesses can develop, design and manage multi-platform enterprise applications that bring huge benefits and advanced functionalities, all with the least effort and complications.

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