Connectivity and Market Data

Operating global trading intricacy

Master Global Trading Complexity

No matter the asset class or strategy, connectivity and market data tools are your stock and trade for managing global trading complexity. KnowledgeNet's tech solutions can help you remain competitive across the OTC, digital trading, or cross-asset investment strategies. We offer market data and connectivity capabilities that provide next-generation trading solutions. You'll have the tools you need to stay in the game with greater flexibility, more thoughtful integrations, and real-time speed. We integrate with Fastwire, Reuters ROI routing network, or Blauer Berg, allowing brokerage firms to buy and sell across the global markets.


  • Automates trading rules making trading much more efficient, competitive, and profitable
  • Sends and receive international brokerage orders across the world
  • Integrates with market data providers
  • Provides real-time prices to enhance customer decision making

Features & Benefits

High Frequency Trading (HFT)

High Frequency Trading (HFT) allows financial entities to use huge computational power to complete a huge number of transactions in just one second.

Direct Market Access (DMA)

FastWire enables the brokerage companies to provide their institutional customers (other investment companies or brokerage companies in other countries) with direct market access to the local exchanges it has access to.

6000 orders per second and more

We got your back, now you can even go further over 6000 orders in one second without facing any problems or delays.

Scalability and integration

TradeNet FastWire brings incredibly low latency to make order scaling challenges part of the past, making it a fully scalable solution for financial businesses with rising trading order counts. The software also integrates with multiple platforms to make your workflow faster and without manual work or technical hassle.

200X Faster

With enhanced memory management and scalable architecture, we provide a system that is 200 times faster than traditional trading systems, giving businesses a great advantage in their daily trading.

You can rely on our ongoing tech support to ensure your systems run efficiently and smoothly continuously.

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