Custody Operations Management

Providing comprehensive custody services

Ensure Reliable and Secure Custody Trading Services

Brokerage requires a stable, reliable partner, and that's what your clients will experience with the KnowledgeNet custody trading solutions. They'll enjoy simple and secure access to their portfolio data, robust reporting capabilities, the ability to monitor their investment positions and transactions in one place. We offer comprehensive clearing and custody services with the highest level of security, including vital record-keeping and reporting, accurate and timely clearing, settlement, asset servicing, and foreign exchange.


  • Enhances and protects customer relationships
  • Customizable tech solutions that provide scalability for fast-growing, high volume companies
  • Hold and safe keep investor assets
  • Provide deep capitalization and enterprise-grade tech solutions

You can rely on our ongoing tech support to ensure your systems run efficiently and smoothly continuously.

To discuss how we can help you with the right tech solution for your custody trading needs.

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