Data Cleansing Solutions

The Next Realm in Data Quality

Sizeable complex data sets can lose their value as time goes by. Businesses keep operating, and more data is gathered. Having your data properly organized and cleansed is essential to avoid fines, embarrassment and loss of customers. In today’s world, proper data quality and management are the core of many businesses.

Our proprietary data cleansing product Datability Ninety X is a platform that establishes and sustains data quality for the financial services industry. It exceeds the current practices in data cleansing as it covers and automates all parts of the process while focusing on keeping you compliant with any existing regulation. Datability Ninety X aims to maintain more than 90% of your data 90% clean, 90% of the time.

About Datability Ninety X

Our solution is designed to enrich and unify data streams into reliable and valuable information. This protects the main material upon which decisions are made, granting stability and reliability to the entire organization.

Key Features:

  • Immediate measuring of current data quality.
  • Produces actionable insights.
  • Identifies quality issues and fixes them.
  • Establishes a data quality ecosystem for everyone.

Implementing Datability Ninety X is a before and after in your business. Better information leads to better insights, which leads to better decisions. The only way to know a current status is by trusting the existing information. That's why quality matters.

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