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What is Datability™ ?

A complete, out-of-the-box data cleansing and enrichment family for the most demanding data-dependent projects. Built for financial institutions, KN Datability family is developed for sustainable data cleansing and swift data migration requirements needed to back up the business operations with confidence and reliability. Our family exceeds the ever-demanding needs of compliance, customer management, and management teams with high-quality data.

Why KN Datability™ ?


Local and international regulators, internal compliance, counter-party organizations, customers and competition all have different requirements and put various constraints on data and its usage. KN Datability caters for all of these requirements as it comes out of the box.

Agile, like you.

Knowing that change is mandatory and continuous, all components of KN Datability are configurable and modular, allowing your organization to, very quickly, cope with new and changing requirements.

Reliable Innovation Partne

Commitment and reliance have been a way of life for KnowledgeNet since its establishment. With the highest rates of uptime and personalized support, you can rest assured we maintain the sustainability and efficiency your business needs.

Datability™ Products

Sustainable, end-to-end data improvement solution that performs full data cleansing and ensures continuous measurable assessment and enhancement of data quality to provide the reliable information you need for low-risk and high-compliance organizations. Embedded FSI-specific data quality and cleansing rules for clean customer and organizational information. A promise of high data quality in more than 90% of the time.


  • Rules Management
  • Automatic Transformation and Loading (ATL)
  • Organization-wide Data Quality Monitor with scoring - Real time Dashboard
  • Manual Cleansing Engine (MACE) -MACE Mobile
  • Data Publisher
  • Data Dictionary
  • Enterprise Integrator

An end-to-end KYC master engine that streamlines all the organization data processes from checking, validation, correction and maintenance. Customer data accuracy is always a rising demand. Datability KYC2 is built with continuous change in mind, to timely support your organization's data quality now and in the future.


  • Automatic Transformation and Loading (ATL)
  • KYC Workstations
  • Reference Data Manager
  • Rules Management Engine
  • Data Publisher