Datability KYC2 All-In-One Compliance for Financial Institutions

Seamless Integration, Pre-Built Rules for the Quickest Time to Value

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What is Datability KYC2?

Comprehensive KYC Compliance Solution

Datability KYC2 represents a robust KYC (Know Your Customer) solution engineered specifically for financial institutions. It proficiently manages KYC compliance operations, ensuring adherence to relevant standards and regulations with precision and efficiency.

KYC2 is a compliance tool that employs advanced techniques, such as data review, profiling, cleansing, and enrichment, to align with regulatory mandates. It features a manual cleansing engine to complement automated processing, providing the flexibility to validate and modify manually entered data.

With KYC2 allows financial institutions to optimize client onboarding, resulting in enhanced verification efficiency and streamlined processes. Adhering to complex regulations, it effectively minimizes errors and ensures ultimate compliance, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

Features & Benefits

Datability KYC2 offers an impressive array of features that provide significant benefits:

Core Bank Integration

Interacts seamlessly with existing banking systems.

360-Degree Customer View

Presents an all-encompassing perspective of customer data.

Cleansing & Standardization

Easily identifies and corrects any inaccurate, incomplete, or irrelevant data, followed by data conversion to a standardized format.


Contains 1250+ pre-defined rules with customization capability.

Ongoing Monitoring

Offers real-time performance monitoring and alerts to guarantee that your internal resources can effectively maintain data quality.

High-Risk Clients Management

Utilizes trusted data sources to effectively identify high-risk clients and subject them to thorough observation.

Intuitive Live Dashboards

Provides a user-friendly UI and live dashboards to effectively monitor and track data quality and employees' performance.

Why Datability KYC2

Regulatory Compliance

Ensures strict adherence to all regulatory requirements through the implementation of an advanced automated rule engine and rigorous quality checks.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Achieves higher levels of operational efficiency through the utilization of automated cleansing rules and advanced workflow capabilities.

Improved Risk Assessment

Enhances risk identification and management by seamlessly integrating trusted data sources into the system.

Customer 360 View

Gains a comprehensive view of your customers, enabling better decision-making and improved customer satisfaction.

Proactive Compliance

Stays ahead of compliance issues with real-time performance monitoring and instant alerts, ensuring that data quality is consistently maintained by your internal resources.

Optimized Data Quality

Streamlines data validation and assessment processes through automation, resulting in improved data quality across all aspects.

Cost-Effective Compliance

Significantly reduces compliance costs by leveraging our operationally ready rulebook, which covers 1200 pre-built rules specifically tailored for the financial sector.