Datability Ninety X is an end-to-end data cleansing and enrichment solution for sustainable data improvement with the highest trusted quality and compliance levels.

A reliable immersive data cleansing solution that boosts data accuracy on-time across the organization for robust decision making.

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What is Datability Ninety X?

Datability Ninety X is a platform that establishes and sustains data quality for the financial services industry. Clean data is inevitable to drive excellence and clarity for decision- makers, and to ensure compliance with regulators. The solution exceeds the current practices in data cleansing as it covers and automates all parts of the process.

Datability Ninety X will transform your data into a reliable & valuable resource that brings insights and readiness to maximize the enterprise's processes efficiency and drive better decisions for the operation and strategy teams.

Datability Ninety X will connect and integrate with all the enterprise's ever-growing data streams to cleanse, enrich & unify the results in a smooth, seamless and responsive way that adapts and sustains itself for the ever-changing needs and inputs to achieve information excellence.

With Datability Ninety X, will not only notify the enterprise team members when data quality has issues, but also help them change their behavior for better quality data inputs to bring real value and efficiency to all the enterprise stakeholders.

Features & Benefits

Unlock the true value of your data

Unify structured data streams in your organization and gain real insights from them.

Friendly non-invasive integration

No matter what system you are currently using in your enterprise, our solution will take the data, fix it then seamlessly return it to the right place.

Start fast

Faster implementation utilizing ready rules book, best practices and automatic cleansing

Stay ahead, stay alert

Monitor data streams quality scores & get notified when KPIs are not met to take faster corrective actions.

Scalable & high performance

High-performance architecture with optimized processes and monitoring engine that keep the performance at peak levels

Changes team behavior

Users will be on top of their data quality issues, they will know what is wrong and how to fix faster; Culture of data quality is built in the enterprise.

Automatic & manual cleansing engines

Best of both worlds, you will have not only access to all advanced & smart automated cleansing rules but also to special cases that might require manual engine capabilities

FSI rules book ready

Our platform covers over 95% of all the common rules essential in the banking industry in the Middle East

How Datability Ninety X can benefit your business?

  • Measure your current organization data quality accurately.
  • Build trust in your organization’s data and bring the right actionable insights.
  • Integrate data quality management in the culture of the organization.
  • Maximize the value of your data and start utilizing it across your organization’s different departments.
  • Identify data quality issues and fix them from the root.
  • Intuitive end-to-end full view to discover new insights and start optimizing the process.
  • Establish a data quality ecosystem.
  • Define metrics according to your organization goals.