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What is Datability Ninety X?

Enhanced Data Quality Solution

Datability Ninety X represents an advanced data quality platform uniquely designed for the financial services sector. It is instrumental in establishing and maintaining superior data quality, a fundamental requirement for precision in decision-making processes and regulatory compliance.

Datability Ninety X transcends traditional data cleansing methodologies by offering an exhaustive, automated solution, encapsulating every facet of the data quality management process. In response to ever-evolving data streams, Datability Ninety X provides a dynamic and robust integration capability. It seamlessly cleanses, enriches, and unifies data, creating an adaptable data infrastructure that can meet changing demands and deliver informational excellence.

Datability Ninety X transforms your raw data into a credible, valuable asset. It empowers the financial institution with actionable insights, enhancing operational efficiency and fortifying strategic decision-making processes.

A distinguishing feature of Datability Ninety X is its proactive data quality monitoring. It not only alerts team members of data quality issues, but it also fosters a culture of data democratization, prompting positive behavioral changes for improved data input quality. Experience increased efficiency and tangible value for all enterprise stakeholders.

Features & Benefits

Datability Ninety X offers an impressive array of features that provide significant benefits:

Multisource Integration

Seamlessly connects with various data sources.

Data Profiling & Transformation

Provides accurate data insights into the quality, structure, and usage patterns through data examination and analysis, followed by data conversion from one format to another

Advanced Cleansing & Standardization

Easily identifies and corrects any inaccurate, incomplete, or irrelevant data, followed by data conversion to a standardized format.

Customizable Rule Engine

Allows the implementation of data validation rules, which automates the data cleansing and enriching process.

Manual Cleansing Option

Ensures utmost data quality and enables easy tracking of responsibilities using the manual cleansing engine with built-in workflow that effectively highlights all the issues and assigns them to relevant groups.

Behavioral Change Mechanism

Drives data quality, enabling users to be acquainted with their data quality concerns and efficiently address these issues.

Scalability & High Performance

Handles growing data volumes efficiently for now and later.

Data Enrichment

Develops a comprehensive and precise perspective of the data by integrating with credible parties.

Proactive Alerts

Keeps your organization proactive with data quality alerts.

Why Datability Ninety X

Improved Data Quality

Provides precise measurements of your organization’s current data quality.

Maximum Data Visibility

Enhances visibility and data quality awareness for better data governance.

Enhanced Data Privacy

Enables sensitive data identification, strengthening data privacy.

Increased Data Value

Maximizes your data's value through enrichment, cleansing, and deduplication.

Metrics & Analytics

Make data-driven decisions through a built-in rule engine that can be easily customized to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Automated Data Governance

Equips data stewards with comprehensive tools and flexible data governance workflows.

Data Categorization

Facilitates self-service data intelligence and streamlines data classification.