Datability Real Time Insights on Clean Data

Get your data assets to be trusted and used not only for management decisions but also for everyday business operations.

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What is Datability Clean?

Datability Clean is an end-to-end real-time data analytics and reporting solution for clear business insights. Designed to help banks aggregate data from multiple sources and systems, clean and standardize data on the move, and store data in both big data repository and aggregated data warehouse to generate business required operational reports and multidimensional visual representations of business performance over time, based on key performance indicators.

Datability Clean ensures your organization has a single source of truth (SSOT) for your data, and your data is on-time, complete, accurate, and reliable to empower every decision in your organization.

Datability Clean is designed with user needs first in mind, presenting data in visual business insights with accuracy and speed to facilitate data consumption and utilization for guided business insights on performance.

Datability Clean is built on big data architecture, utilizing real-time and batch processing to enable data transfer from Multiple Data Repositories. Utilizing the Its CDC connector to achieve almost real-time data streaming and data loading adaptors for batch processing.

Datability Clean caters to the needs of compliance, customer management, and management teams with high-quality, efficient data.

Features & Benefits

Data integrity

Ensure data integrity with advanced tools. The data repository stores the original format of any data to be used whenever needed.

Multiple-source acquisition

Capture data from any database or enterprise application streaming data with various formats and custom APIs.

Data standardization

Standardize data before storage with the powerful Datability Clean engine and eliminate data transformation debt.

Consistent streaming

Take advantage of data acquisition through connectors. Your data is queued and streamed in real-time consistency to keep you updated without a flaw.

Data repositories

Utilize both big data and aggregated data repositories to ensure smooth data transformation and integrity while streamlining operational reporting.

Fully-featured reports

Automate, schedule, and generate reports in your required formats, manage access privileges for different users, and get alerted with pre-specified system events for notifications!

Advanced analytics

Get access to a wide range of analytics through neat visual interfaces helping executives make more informed decisions while having access to all the analytics history for comparison and tracking.

Customizable dashboard

Elevate your analytics and visibility game. The analytics dashboard is fully customizable for every key decision-maker need, metrics, and objective.

Why Datability Clean?

Integrated platform

Datability Clean is a one-stop platform for information enabling data capturing, enhancement, standardization, and presentation with the ability to combine data from limitless sources in one place to cover all operational reporting, data analytics, and AI-based initiatives' needs.

Research-based quality rules

Datability Clean comes with ready-to-use data quality and transformation rules based on detailed research to take advantage of the best practices right away.

Enhanced decision making

With advanced reports and analytics that use real-time data streams from all connected sources, all decision-making processes can become more data-driven and accurate.

Cut down costs

Datability Clean helps in cutting down costs of transferring data over your network while minimizing disruptions and boosting smoothness.