Empowering Every Decision with Real-time Insights on Clean Data

From Raw, Scattered Data to Clean, Real-time actionable Insights

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What is Datability Clear?

Comprehensive Data Analytics & Reporting Solution

Datability Clear is a fully integrated solution that enables businesses to leverage the potential of near-real-time data analytics and reporting. Our end-to-end solution allows organizations to effortlessly collect data from various sources and systems, ensuring its accuracy and consistency during the process before transferring it to multiple data repositories for analysis and valuable insights.

With Datability Clear, generating operational reports and dynamic visual representations of business performance can be done within a few clicks, all guided by essential key performance indicators. With the help of our comprehensive solution, it is easy to make informed decisions and gain valuable insights.

Datability Clear ensures your organization has a single source of truth (SSOT) for your data, and your data is on-time, complete, accurate, and reliable to empower every decision in your organization.

Datability Clear is designed with user needs first in mind, presenting data in visual business insights with accuracy and speed to facilitate data consumption and utilization for guided business insights on performance.

Datability Clear is built on big data architecture, utilizing real-time and batch processing to enable data transfer from multiple data repositories to both a big data repository and aggregated data warehouse. It uses its CDC connector to achieve almost real-time data streaming and data loading adaptors for batch processing.

Datability Clear caters to the needs of decision makers, customer management, and management teams with high-quality, efficient data.

Features & Benefits

Datability Clear showcases an impressive selection of features:

Multiple Source Acquisition

Enables data integration from various sources.

Data Integrity

Ensures data quality and consistency Guarantees precise, thorough, and consistency of data throughout its entire lifecycle, all the way from creation to destruction or archiving.

Data Standardization

Provides uniform data formats across the organization.

Continuous Streaming

Facilitates near-real-time data streaming for instant insights.

Multiple Data Repositories

Stores data in both data lakes and data warehouses to optimize data utilization for various business requirements.

Fertile Ground for AI

Data Lake structure facilitates machine learning and AI practices.

Fully Featured Reports

Offers comprehensive reporting for data-driven decision-making.

Advanced Analytics

Supports sophisticated data analysis for business intelligence.

Customizable Dashboards

Allows for personalized dashboards, improving data visualization and business understanding.

Why Datability Clear?

Integrated Platform

Unifies data from multiple sources and makes it available to users into a single interface.

Research-Based Quality Rules

Enhances the overall quality of data cleansing solutions, following research-based quality rules which offer a systematic strategy for identifying and correcting errors.

Performance Monitoring

Provides real-time insights into business operations.

Personalized Customer Experience

Enhances interactions based on data-driven insights.

Enhanced Decision Making

Identifies trends, detects anomalies, and makes well-informed decisions by offering valuable insights to businesses according to their evolving needs.

Competitive Advantage

Assists businesses in making well-informed decisions regarding resource allocation and helps them outpace the competition.

Cost Efficiency

Allows decision-makers to gain a more profound insight into cost allocation and identify areas for potential cost reduction by offering a comprehensive overview of the organization's operations and analyzing data from various sources and perspectives.