Backed by years of experience enabling enterprises to create and integrate business applications, KN has put together a powerful and flexible platform (iMore). iMore is end-to-end enterprise-grade mission critical solution that lets our customers deliver enterprise projects quickly, securely and cost effectively. Our solutions will help you to build, develop, deploy, and manage, applications.

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iMore Platform is a flexible micro-services architecture that provides all the building blocks needed to manage all type of deployment from a single-server low-traffic solution to a highly scalable high-traffic solution. iMore Core goal is to facilitate development process by providing common tasks and features needed by any enterprise level solution. Using iMore, Developers’ goal is to only develop business widgets. iMore addresses all the requirements for building critical enterprise solutions.

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product showcase 1


Deployment, Monitoring and Control

iMore platform core services and business services support deployments to wide range of application servers: WebLogic, WebSphere and WildFly (jboss) are just examples. Also iMore platform supports business services to be deployed on different application servers. Admins have control from admins view to deploy, monitor, un-deploy, start and stop each instance of business services.


Permission Matrix

iMore platform core services provide a sophisticated permission matrix for simple use of the light applications and deep use for the high end applications and systems, permission matrix includes Sites, pages, packages, widgets, reports, and entities permissions across users and multiple roles.

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product showcase 1


Site Composer

iMore platform site engine include a composer for building the site pages with suitable order and manage them with different layouts, also to use the components catalogue to drag into the pages, and build your pages as per your business need.


Components Catalogue

miMore platform has components catalogue inherit the permissions versus the hierarchy, these components retrieved from different data sources with absolutely different micro-service, admin user able to active/ inactive any component to affect directly to the entire business portals.

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