Most large enterprises have aging applications that surround its core systems. These applications are typically difficult to integrate, modify and maintain.

KN Professional Services provides a complete set of services with a systematic approach to rationalize organization’s portfolio and identifies applications that should be retired, consolidated or modernized in order to eliminate redundancy and improve portfolio health in a very effective manner.

Our approach defines the shortest route to value based on assessment of the existing portfolio and rationalization targets. Leveraging KN expertise, methods and tools, we help our client better manage their application portfolios. We offer a broad portfolio of application modernization services from analysis and planning through conversion and implementation.

Application rationalization is the first step in gaining control of the application portfolio. KN’s Rationalization Approach identifies unused, redundant and out of date applications and trims down the portfolio through application elimination, consolidation and modernization.  Decreasing the number of applications in the portfolio can help reduce the scope and cost of testing and remediating applications for migration projects.

KN professional services team will conduct an Application Portfolio Assessment in the beginning of engagement.  The results of an Application Portfolio Assessment:

  • A list of all applications or functions needs to be retired.
  • Comprehensive functional, technical requirement for application to be consolidated or redeveloped.
  • Recommended plan for the implementation of Consolidation and Modernization.
  • Additional opportunities for leveraging the value of application transformation.


KN business-driven approach to modernization, focusing on business value, customer experience and operational benefits. Our technical approach covering process optimization, architecture, platform and user experience. We leverage KN’s iMore platform to reduce code footprint, improve agility and build extensible application platforms for the future.

The project team will:

  • Develop project plan and create milestones and proof points that let the customer evaluate early on whether he is on the right track.
  • Ensure that the individuals assigned to manage the project have the appropriate experience.
  • Outline clear criteria and timing for a go or no go decision.


The Solution is based on standards‐based solutions that support vendor interoperability and independence, broader availability of skills and tools, and a longer lifetime.


Establish a loosely coupled, service oriented integration infrastructure (SOA) which provides agility in integrating new packaged and custom software as needed.


Built in architectural capabilities from the beginning and at the foundation level such as scalability, reliability, maintainability, availability, extensibility and security which are very expensive or infeasible to be added later.


iMore is a mission critical platform, it is especially well-suited for legacy modernization, allowing enterprises to get up and running quickly, while providing a framework to meet future integration needs.


Whether you’re modernizing a custom application built in-house, or any other legacy system , KN’s Application Rationalization services with the capitalization of iMore Engine provides a clear and easy path to modernization.

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