KN Enterprise Mobility services provide our customers with powerful, flexible and cost-effective Mobility development solutions that allow them to mobilize, integrate and automate business processes on touch devices and mobile platforms. In Addition to maximize employee productivity regardless of the location or time, and bringing to reality a truly mobile workforce, KN Enterprise Mobility Services enabling businesses to do more than that, the services are actually enhancing business processes and giving companies a real competitive edge.

Backed by years of experience enabling enterprises to create and integrate business applications, KN has put together a powerful and flexible Mobile enterprise platform (iMore). iMore is end-to-end enterprise-grade mission critical mobility solution that lets our customers deliver enterprise mobility projects quickly, securely and cost effectively. Our solutions will help you to build, develop, deploy, manage, and govern mobile applications.

iMore is designed to implement and support industry best practices for enterprise mobile architecture to provide organization with a capability to build web, native, and hybrid apps for phones, tablets, and desktops from a single code base with integrated tools.


KN’s advanced UX features and components, offline support, and robust high availability architecture ensure that your users will enjoy seamless, natural user experiences at all times, under any use conditions, whenever they need.


KN professional services will assist you to develop a mobility strategy and assist you to identify the most mobility use cases and help you in executing them. With 15 Years of mission critical application development and Integration Experience.


KN’s mobile enterprise platform feature enterprise-grade encryption, authentication, and authorization capabilities. The platform offers true end-to-end security supporting the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).


Developing a mobile app is just the beginning. KN provides IT and business users with comprehensive tools and services to maintain, manage, monitor and control the application, the infrastructure, the devices and the users during all stages of the application lifecycle.


KN has proven experience developing a variety of mission-critical mobile enterprise solutions. We understand the complexities of back-end integration and the importance of security and policy compliance. KN provides the integration features and capabilities you need for 24/7, real-time connections with your business systems.


KN highly productive Enterprise Mobile Platform and reusable pre-built mobile components let us develop, integrate and deploy mobile business apps quickly without changing customer’s existing business systems, so you can meet your launch requirements and deadlines.


KN’s mobile platform is built for mission critical industries as it is developed from the beginning with enterprise-grade security, scalability and 24/7 availability, keeping your apps (and your business) running even under the most demanding transaction loads .


KN enterprise mobility services provide customers with the means to mobilize their business quickly without changing their existing infrastructure. And because KN Mobility platform built with the latest technologies, developed apps can be easily adapted to meet new market demands.KN powerful and agile mobility platform can be used for virtually all of your business app needs.

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