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Webinars / Conferences

A valuable part of KnowledgeNet’s contribution to the business community comes through the company’s participation in industry-focused conferences and webinars. Please check our page regularly to stay abreast of event details, or register to receive important updates.

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The Art of Startup Fundraising Webinar

Incubators and Accelerators Importance for Fintech Startups

Speaker: Mohamed Nawito, Incubators & Accelerators Program Manager at Wadi Mekkah

The Different Initiatives to Empower the Fintech Entrepreneurs in KSA

Speaker: Nezar Alhaidar, Fintech Hub Manager at Fintech Saudi

The Role of Venture Capital in the Startup Ecosystem

Speaker: Bahar Al Harbi, Startups House Founder

The Emergence of Open Banking Ecosystems

Speaker: Mohamed Roshdy, Fintech and Digital Transformation Advisor

Fintechs Ideation for Go-To-Market Strategy

Speaker: Reem Ashraf, Product Growth Manager at KnowledgeNet

KSA’s readiness to create an Open Banking infrastructure for BFS