Fintech Readiness

The Fintech industry revolutionized every side of business conduct around the world. It offered many opportunities for users, enhanced financial inclusion, and presented an enticing challenge to the banking industry as the primary partner in business transactions to the financial customer.

With highly demanding customers for improved and all-inclusive service levels from their banks, banks are now competing to provide the best experience for their users. By integrating with the available Fintech solutions that are sweeping the market with innovations.

For many years, KnowledgeNet’s highly-experienced tech team has created products and services connecting third-party providers with financial institutions of all sizes. KnowledgeNet designed them to provide optimal speed, accuracy, and the highest level of security, deepening our understanding of all cases of the legacy banking system and new banking systems that helped us create a solution with all this expertise in consideration.

We now offer Blinq Fintech, which provides global banks and other financial institutions with the infrastructure to connect with, onboard, manage, and service their Fintech partners. And we will provide the support needed during the building, testing, and implementation processes.

Blinq Fintech eliminates the resource challenges presented by internal teams and reduces the time to build the infrastructure internally by 18-24 Months. We don't just manage APIs. We provide the whole Fintech lifecycle from proof of concept to design, coding, testing, maintenance, and ongoing support.