Liquify Factoring is your ultimate accounts receivable financing and factoring solution

Liquify Factoring will help you manage all of the factoring processes in one place. Tens of features included.

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What is Liquify Factoring?

LiQuify Factoring is an end-to-end factoring and finance management software that lets businesses of all sizes manage their finances, including all debts and invoices in one place, with full features.

The software is designed to reduce time waste and eliminate mistakes within your factoring processes, while making sure you can use the software easily and without technical knowledge to make more informed and better decisions.

Liquify Factoring also supports various types of factoring including: Recourse factoring, non-recourse factoring and international factoring.

Liquify is delivered with all the needed processes/workflows to manage Account Receivables financing products, from client and debtor management, facility management, contracts to factoring, upload invoices, fund payment, collection, and payment assignments. These processes are executed step by step by the expert system, depending on customized and parameterizable business rules.

Features & Benefits

Complete management

Manage receivables, categorize and track their status in one integrated dashboard.

Automatic documentation

All invoices are documented and stored automatically.


Fully customizable with separate lines and even multiple currencies.

Import and export

Freely import and export bulk invoices and data freely with no limitations.

Task management

Inclusive task management features with SLA features.


No limitations in data size or number of business lines.


Liquify Factoring supports a large number of integrations with external software.


Get notified about due dates, payouts, paybacks and other events.


Discover risks and eliminate them with powerful report creation tools.

Secure architecture

Liquify Factoring is developed from ground up to keep your data secure according to the top standards.


Keep your invoices and their digital management compliant with laws and regulations.

Full control

Quickly and easily set-up of margins, limits and counterparties.

Boosted productivity

With automation and task notifications, you can make your financial department employees more productive.

Full automation

Liquify provides automated experience from customer onboarding, uploading invoices and related document management to insightful dashboards that summarize business activities and results.

Why do factoring companies need a factoring software?

Advanced factoring software has become one of the essentials for factoring companies willing to compete and keep their edge in the future, as more and more factoring business are already taking advantage of software to meet the demanding marketing expectations and rising trends.

More pricing models, better offers

The increased efficiency of factoring software can help factoring companies cut down their operation costs and offer more competitive pricing options, while even improving the service.

Improving client experiences

Handling work faster means better experiences for clients and definitely more satisfied ones. Clients will also never feel worried with your company having better ability to communicate in time thanks to notifications and your ability to share detailed reports and updates faster and more frequently than ever. All of this happens in no time with Liquify Factoring with the ability to connect your software with clients' ones.

Better decision making

Make better decisions with financial performance monitoring and settlement management features.

Boosted productivity

Lose less money and opportunities with powerful reports and less mistakes compared to manual human procedures.