Security and

We are fully aware of the importance and sensitivity of our client's data.

KnowledgeNet dedicates significant attention to security and confidentiality in the broader sense, way beyond system and data security. In terms of technology, we diligently use methods, tools and models that ensure our software is banking-grade secure and that it will successfully withstand professional penetration tests,

Moreover, data stored in our systems are encrypted, not only when they are shared with the outside world, but also when they are moved between internal system components. This is to guarantee as such so low-level hacking of our solutions would still fail.

Security for us also includes process security which entails incorporation of methods and tools like maker-checker, one-time password, and third-party integration with credential management systems.

In addition to how we built secure systems, our culture encourages confidentiality and limits sharing to a need-to-know basis even internally.