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What is Softmore™?

Softmore is a digitalization platform that allows businesses to create and integrate business applications to form reliable digital systems. Through Softmore, businesses can develop, design and manage multi-platform enterprise applications that bring huge benefits and advanced functionalities, all with the least effort and complications. Empowering you with unlimited flexibility and scalability, you don't have to ditch your existing business software solutions, as Softmore builds upon them easily. Minimize your time to market for your business software solutions, and add new multi-platform features and functionalities with readily designed and developed widgets and screens that are built for the best usability and stability. Utilizing microservices-based architecture, Softmore delivers best-in-class performance, speed and security.

Why Softmore™?

Ease and efficiency

Softmore provides the easiest possible way for businesses to build enterprise solutions and automate workflows without hassle. All everyday tasks and features needed by businesses in various industries exist right away to be implemented instantly.

Lightweight architecture

Using the microservices architecture approach and other software industry's best practices, Softmore is ensured to deliver superior speed and resource usage, as a single application is built like a suite of small services, each polished to its maximum potential. Additionally, internal and external traffic is routed and managed smartly based on a load balancing algorithm. Softmore's architecture is also built using reliable and widely-adopted technologies, including Angular, Bootstrap, Spring and Netflix's OSS.

Superior security

No matter what data storage solution or technology you choose, Softmore is built to deliver maximum data security in every case. With inclusive enterprise-grade security features, the platform supports truly end-to-end encryption standards, including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Softmore also adds a long list of features for controlling and enforcing policies, managing authentication, authorization and access for various users.

Top-notch user experiences

The clean, intuitive and neat interfaces of both the platform and applications it can help you build will make building apps more seamless while delivering an excellent experience for users and making it easy for them to use new features right from day one. The applications built with Softmore are also built to level with the most extreme use cases and to deal with gigantic amounts of data. The architecture of Softmore and its apps also ensure the experience is fast with minimum to no delays while providing data processing can't be faster. Softmore also supports HTML5, single page application design, responsive design, in addition to page visual composing with modern themes and app design elements.

Unrestricted support and scaling

Softmore supports additional services to be written in modern programming languages with the support of various data storage technologies, including full cloud support and pre-optimized implementation. And while the platform lets you scale existing software easily, it also lets you scale your on-demand cloud infrastructure without a single limitation.

Multi-platform native support

Softmore lets you integrate widgets and build apps for all platforms, including mobile and PC, without sacrificing the perks of native performance. With no additional work, widgets optimize themselves to suit the device with our pre-configured and optimized templates. This is accomplished with full native support of multiple platforms and pre-optimization for each, eliminating the need for additional manual coding and guaranteeing a consistent and smooth experience.

Softmore's technical features and modules

Authentication and authorization

Softmore lets you integrate authentication features including LDAP, OAuth 2.0, OTP, Spring Security, second-factor integrations and SSO integrations. For authorization, role-based access control customization allows integrating specific user-based controls over pages, sites, widgets and functions.

Scheduling and notifications

Integrate scheduling and notifications features right away with Softmore, with support of SMS integration, email connectivity and built-in Scheduler. Additionally, the platform is built to let you add new notification protocols in the easiest possible way.

Document management

The readily developed features of the document management module include document archiving and version control, document categorization and directory creation and secure access to documents by multiple users to collaborate on them.

Task and approval management

The prebuilt task and approval management services support features include automated request assigning to user groups, request management through SLAs, support of external demands and user performance tracking.

Dynamic form building

Features of the dynamic form building service you can integrate with your business software include multiple form types, access to Data Schemes and metadata, drag and drop fields, full data controls (add, remove…etc), customizable data lookup attributes and various data input and validation automation techniques.

Analytics and reporting

Softmore's analytics and reporting engine lets you integrate fully customizable dashboards and reports with no development, while supporting features like detailed role-based access control and automated report generation and delivery.

How can your business benefit from Softmore™?

Joint product proposition

Reduce technical debts that can burden your business in the future with solutions built with complete adherence to the world's latest and best software development practices. Softmore also reduces the time-to-market for your product by at least 60%. Additionally, we partner and cooperate with your business to help you bring the best solution efficiently based on your needs while guiding you at each phase.

Fintech industry readiness

Softmore is carefully built to help fintech businesses grow and scale flexibility with a trendsetting high-performance platform. Being developed by KnowledgeNet, Softmore is ready for being used by financial institutions, with an architecture that leverages security and usage standards up to the industry's bar.

More efficient workflows

Everday's workflows can become more efficient, from collaboration, task management, document management, data collection and reports that empower decision making.

Market-leading cost efficiency

All of this can be introduced solely or integrated with your existing business software at an incredibly competitive cost compared to other solutions.

Faster new operation adoption

Adapt to new operations and situations; quickly and effectively, with the readily developed solutions of Softmore, that are yet fully owned by your business.