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With TradeNet™, Transform Your Investment Business for Everyone.

Elevate your customers experience with modern customer channels

Ignite your team with blazing fast, competent Middle and Back Office

Enrich your offering by integrating with any market and deploying new products

What is TradeNet™?

TradeNet is a family of products that empowers various investment businesses with every necessary tool for a more efficient and competitive trading and investment business experience.

The products included can help investment businesses automate with ultra-high volumes, directly connect to market and data streams, and manage and execute orders in a seamless performance.

TradeNet Family is designed to deliver all the needs of investment businesses with fully-featured integrated dashboards for a remarkable experience to every customer and business user. Every TradeNet product is developed with an architecture that guarantees blazing-fast speed and best-in-class security that ensures business growth and high competency.

Market-Leading Experience

Led by experts with over 20 years of experience in the business software market, KnowledgeNet delivers products that lead the market and set a benchmark for performance, resilience and security.

Technical Advantage

We focus on the deepest details and compete with products worldwide in terms of stability and speed. This includes nearly-zero downtime services and deficient latency processes.

Top-Standard Security

Even before the development of any of this software, we have put high grade security as one of our top priorities, utilizing the best and latest technologies to keep data safe while using each product seamlessly.

Seamless, Easy-to-Use Interface

Every product in the TradeNet family delivers a modern dashboard that is customizable to let you create the environment you would want. The software needs no technical knowledge in IT to start using them right away, making them become a vital part of your business quickly.

Modern Technology

We build modules that make our software compete head-to-head with the best financial technology software in the world. A feature of technology you want is mostly one you can find in TradeNet.

Reliable Support

TradeNet goes beyond being a software suite to being a full-fledged solution, integrated with customer business and understands the stakes of operational software.

Maximum Scalability

TradeNet family of products offers no scalability limitations, whether in the number of processes, business lines, or customers served using the software.

TradeNet™ products

Inclusive solution for investment and trading products of financial institutions. E-invest supports fund management, portfolio management and is powered with real-time market data connectivity for the most competitive trading performance.

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A full-fledged order and execution management system with market-leading performance and blazing-fast order processing with minimal latency. OEMS gives financial businesses the power they need for competitive trading.

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The ultimate market feed software supporting multiple sources and providing full customization controls over the market. The platform delivers live data in real-time and every data source you need to have the most powerful insights.

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Super-fast high-frequency trading software lets businesses execute thousands of trading orders in one second, with no minimum delay. FastWire is directly connected to the markets and powered with data and features that help businesses trade for themselves and their customers.

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Combining automation and reporting with customized modules and key functionality in one online portal, TradeNet Middle and Back Office is the brokerage and custody services platform for the digital age.

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The application brings full trading, fund management, and portfolio management features while accessing real-time market data and powerful reporting tools.

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TradeNet Customer Onboarding is an innovative digital onboarding solution that allows investment businesses to orchestrate and automate customer onboarding processes on different channels. It significantly increases the onboarding success rates while keeping it secure and impenetrable.

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