Customer Onboarding Reimagined#TimelyInvestments

TradeNet Customer Onboarding helps your business achieve faster and more secure onboarding in impressive ways.

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What is TradeNet Customer Onboarding?

TradeNet Customer Onboarding is an innovative digital onboarding solution that allows investment businesses to orchestrate and automate customer onboarding processes on different channels. It significantly increases the onboarding success rates while keeping it secure and impenetrable.

TradeNet Customer Onboarding introduces the customer easy, fast, and personalized experience on branches on different channels. Through the customer preferred channel, they can register themselves, provide consent, verify their identity, and finish the full onboarding process from their mobile phones. Thanks to the integration with governmental and legal authorities for secure and guaranteed identity verification and seamless data exchange with your business’s existing system, all with full compliance.


Easy customer-self registration

Present a modern experience to your customer with a faster, easier self-registration process on the platform.

Automate accounts creation

Cut short the account creation process by creating various configurable types of accounts.

Document upload

Zero paperwork with customers directly uploading their documents in various formats safely and easily.

Core banking system data sharing

Sending and receiving customer details automatically to and from your core banking system, with no mediator tools and no hassle.

CRM systems integrating

Two-way direct integration with financial companies CRM to send and receive customer details with no mediator tools for faster actions.

Automated legal Identity verification

Verify the ID of your customers automatically with direct integration with governmental legal authorities’ systems (Direct integration with Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) for UAE citizens).

Smart automated agreements

Automate agreements with customers to make them faster and smarter, with account configuration directly based on them.

Pre-specified online signing terms and conditions

Create pre-specified terms and conditions when signing up with multiple levels to make faster onboarding for KYC creation of portfolio creation.

Customer notifications

Get customers notified with updates on their KYC status, market requests, and more.

Automated risk assessment

Calculate and assess risk exposure automatically with configurable risk factors monitoring based on multiple parameters and weights.

In-depth onboarding approval controls

Have full control over KYC approvals, with the ability to add additional manual approval layers for certain profiles and criteria so that automated approval is activated on demand.

Why TradeNet Customer Onboarding?

Faster than ever

The hassle of onboarding to the company system can be a shortcut to one automated process with no bottlenecks, but this all goes seamlessly without office visits and with minimal effort from the now impressed customer.

Smarter and more secure

With various forms of identification that are automated, connected with governmental authorities, and powered by AI biometrics, verifications are smarter. It is also more secure as you can implement any manual processes on top of this, only when needed, never to affect speed and efficiency.

Outstanding customer experience

Customers who go through faster and more seamless processes without visits can finish everything on their phones, with notifications updating them on their onboarding status. This can level up your reputation, as satisfaction and the first impression are boosted.