What we do?

Expertise Dedicated to one mission:
Making Critical Easy

We offer critical software solutions to both incumbent financial services companies and emerging, disruptive Fintech companies. We also co-create joint critical software solutions with systems integrators.

Financial services companies
Disruptive Fintechs
Joint software solutions with systems integrators

Our software solutions encompass three categories: digitalization, data and core systems. Our digitalization offering consists of a micro-services-based software solution maker, FSI customer onboarding, and a comprehensive e-investment portal for banks and investment companies.

Core systems

Our data offering consists of an out-of-the-box, ready data cleansing solution, data migration platform and an end-to-end, automated KYC platform.

Our core systems focus in the investment and financing industry offers international-standard, core systems for brokerage, custody, clearing and financing.

Our launch of KnowledgeNet sprang from an impassioned conviction that the key to business growth in the region lay in providing world standard, tailored, technologically advanced software platforms made to withstand the highest level of demand that would support local organizations in operating with optimal efficiency in a competitive and rapidly evolving global environment. By developing these tailored solutions, we can serve Fintech, in addition to other sectors wanting reliable, unrivaled quality, meticulously customized, critical software solutions with quick implementations to the dynamic nature of the projects we participate in. Staying on top of the game, with advanced capabilities and a skilled professional team, KnowledgeNet has earned its place with impeccable performance as a leading name in the competitive Middle East market.

Using a flexible, customer-oriented policy, the needs of each client are uppermost in the way we approach our business. In a field where reliability and accuracy are non-negotiable, our commitment to software solutions that ensure the continuity of critical processes has contributed towards our reputation for dependability. Each customer’s needs are analyzed to deliver a fully customized product that has been designed and tested to give an end-user experience that meets the highest global industry standards and emphasizes each customer business identity.

As each day brings new challenges and circumstances to the business world, KnowledgeNet shows its credentials through the maintainability of its products, with the flexibility to expand and evolve in tune with the requirements of a fast-paced environment. With this at the forefront, the software is created using recognized industry standards for integration with a parameter-based configuration platform. Enhancing its capabilities, the software is portable on mobile and tablets, enabling full integration with social media and optimization for an effective internet presence.

We conduct our business transparently; bad news early is good news. We will tell you what we can and can't do. We will do what we tell you. When something comes up, you will know directly and immediately from us, and we will work together to achieve your objectives.

Our prime objective is to build long-term, strong, mutually beneficial business relationships by consistently offering high-quality solutions and an unparalleled service commitment.

Our commitment to our services

The value we add to our business relationships is built on a solid base. Our solutions are aligned with established, internationally recognized principles, with every feature you could need and tools applied with rigorous attention to detail to ensure that you receive optimum results and unwavering support. Our knowledge of local culture and agility in regional modes of business and regulatory requirements places us in a position to work effectively in a fast-moving environment. We are known for embracing innovation, for constantly seeking ways to be more cost-effective, and for our responsiveness at all levels of our business communication

Grasping the future, our thirst for advances in technology is an inherent part of our raison d'être. We do not allow for redundancy, obsolescence, or stagnation. These words do not exist in our vocabulary or our ethos.

We believe this is why we have such a formidable track record , where we can pride ourselves on not having a single second of unplanned downtime, with solutions tailored to withstand the highest level of demand.

Our commitment to serving our customers is reflected in the longstanding relationships that have been forged since our inception. Beyond the daily processes, these draw on the deep levels of trust and confidence that are born of transparency, dedication and professionalism in every step of our business relations.

Experience has taught us a lot, both as KnowledgeNet and as individuals. This experience has often been won through riding out the ups and downs of a volatile market, where adaptability and a proactive approach have been as valuable as our considerable technical and financial acumen. At every level, each member of our team brings valuable expertise to the table, placing us as leaders in the field of financial services technology in the region. And importantly, this expertise is focused solely on our product, our solutions and our customers. We wouldn't accept anything less. Nor should you.

“The Key To business Growth In The Region Lay In Providing World Standard, Tailored, Technologically Advanced Software Platforms Made To Withstand The Highest Level Of Demand That Would Support Local Organizations In Operating With Optimal Efficiency In A Competitive And Rapidly Evolving Global Environment.”

Our locations

Presence in strategic MENA locations

We carefully select our physical locations in order to cover the region's largest markets while being in close proximity to individual customers and new prospects. Our heartbeat and key location are Riyadh, where our head office is, with a strategic location in Dubai, from where the rest of the Gulf countries are centrally served, and now Cairo, the upcoming potential hub for FSI automation.